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Top Fun Uses for 3D Printers

When 3D printing first became a viable process back in 1984 with the so called stereo lithography, the most obvious use was within Engineering companies as a means of creating a physical, albeit delicate, representation of a new part of product. The materials used weren’t sturdy enough to create anything other than a curiosity that was in danger of crumbling if not treated with caution. It gave technologists and designers something that could be held and compared against other parts, but weren’t much of an advantage over the advancing 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs of the time that were becoming increasingly advanced. Continue reading Top Fun Uses for 3D Printers

3D Printing Technology: 5 Ways of Redefining Consumption

Will 3D-printing technology bring a revolution to Christmas shopping lists? If you can just print that iPhone case, why ask Santa? We’re going to go forward a few years, when the 3D printer has been welcomed in the majority of our homes. How will we look at the ‘simple’ process of buying stuff? It has already become a lot more complicated for those who couldn’t keep up with the rise of the computer, with easy-and-cheap webshops, mobile payments and internet banking. Their heads will explode if they find out what potential 3D printing technology really has…  Continue reading 3D Printing Technology: 5 Ways of Redefining Consumption

3D Printer Prices – Cheapest Concept Ever

Are you looking for the best 3D printer prices? Do you just need a cheap model you  can use at home? You should definitively become familiar with this open-source style 3d printer for personal use. *Sigh* – open source, you truly are a blessing. If you’re not familiar with it, see the wiki. If you are, you’ll probably get a faint idea already what open source could mean for the 3D printing industry. A 3d printer that prints… itself! What? Yes! See!

Continue reading 3D Printer Prices – Cheapest Concept Ever