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The Pitfalls of 3D Printing

Many sources – from the National Press downwards – are keen to voice the opportunities available with 3D printing; from food to fashion, toys to bespoke medical applications, it seems that almost everything is achievable. Suddenly, we are told, we are on the cusp of being able to conjure up almost anything we desire, and at a low cost too. But are 3D printers really that flexible? Are we heading towards a world where we have machines that generate our needs so quickly and with such flexibility that it appears to have been created out of thin air? While computing speeds and machine systems may be available one day, they are currently not, and while the popular press may try to tell you otherwise, 3D printing isn’t the wonder process that they try and paint it. Continue reading The Pitfalls of 3D Printing

3D Printing in 2015 – What to Expect?

With 2015 at our doorstep, let’s take a minute to take a broad look at the 3d printing industry. The industry has had a volatile year with breakthroughs, setbacks and doubts. Many of us expected that early adopters would have bought a 3d printer, but it seems there are still some obstacles to overcome before additive manufacturing becomes a common in-house possibility. Just like the mobile phone needed a few decades to shrink to a size that consumers started buying, the 3d printer is evolving this very decade. What does the consumer expect from the machine, and does it really offer substantial value? Continue reading 3D Printing in 2015 – What to Expect?

Koenigsegg’s 3D Printed Car Taunts Physics

On the 2014 Autosalon of Geneva, Swedish supercar designer Koenigsegg will present the One:1. The name refers to the power-to-weight ratio that has breached the magical border of 1:1, meaning that you’ve got a horsepower for every kilogram of weight you’re towing around. By the way, there are 1340 horses at your disposal, and it can still do 2G around the corners. So, what has made this car the fastest, most powerful 3D printed car? Continue reading Koenigsegg’s 3D Printed Car Taunts Physics

3D Printing Technology: 5 Ways of Redefining Consumption

Will 3D-printing technology bring a revolution to Christmas shopping lists? If you can just print that iPhone case, why ask Santa? We’re going to go forward a few years, when the 3D printer has been welcomed in the majority of our homes. How will we look at the ‘simple’ process of buying stuff? It has already become a lot more complicated for those who couldn’t keep up with the rise of the computer, with easy-and-cheap webshops, mobile payments and internet banking. Their heads will explode if they find out what potential 3D printing technology really has…  Continue reading 3D Printing Technology: 5 Ways of Redefining Consumption

3D Printing and The Future of Stuff

The time will come that we will be able to create nearly anything in our homes by 3d printing it – with designs downloaded from the internet no knowledge of the printed object is obligatory. Are you short one bowl when serving dinner for 6? Just Google the bowl design, send it to the printer and if you’ve got it loaded up with enough material (ABS, PLA, metal) you’ve got a bowl of your choice in no-time.

Continue reading 3D Printing and The Future of Stuff