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3D printing suppliers list

Are you looking for an easy way to compare multiple online sellers of 3d printers and print material? This page is the place to start looking! Here you can easily see which supplier has free shopping, or if they have the type of filament you need.

3D Printing online shop list

Below is an ever-growing list of online 3d printing & filament suppliers. Primarily, they are sorted by shipping location, but you can sort the table by clicking the respective header. If you ever bought something from one of these websites, let the world know how your experience was and leave a review! Just use the comment form below.

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3D printing & filament suppliers list
Shipping Location Company name Material(s) supplied 1.75mm 3mm Comments and reviews
AUS 3D Printer Gear ABS – PLA -HIPS – Polycarbonate – Laywoo-D3 – Taulman3D 618 and 645 – Laybrick yes yes
AUS Suigeneris 3D Printing ABS – PLA yes yes
AUS Lybina ABS – PLA yes yes
AUT 3DFilamentshop.com ABS – PLA – PVA yes yes
AUT 3DMarkt.at ABS – PLA yes yes
CAN Botfeeder ABS – PLA yes only ABS
CAN Filaments.ca ABS – PLA – HIPS – PVA yes yes
CAN Filaments 4 less ABS – PLA – Nylon – T-Glase yes yes
CHN 3DTec ABS – PLA yes yes
CHN 3DPrinterstore ABS- PLA – Filaflex – ECO – PETT – Laywood – Laybrick yes yes
CHN MakiBox ABS – PLA – Pellets yes no
CHN Replikeo ABS no yes
CHN Siridi Filament ABS – PLA yes yes
DEU 2PrintBeta ABS – Soft PLA yes yes
DEU 3Druckerstore ABS – PLA yes yes
DEU Filamentshop.de ABS no yes
DEU Igo3d Innofil3d ABS & PLA – Cube/X – glow in dark yes yes
DEU German Reprap SmartABS- PLA – PVA – Bendlay – Woodlay – Bricklay yes yes
DEN 3D2Print ABS PLA Rubber Nylon & Special yes yes
ESP BCN Dynamics ABS – PLA – Nylon yes yes
ESP Print All the Things ABS – PLA yes yes
ESP EasySolid ABS – PLA Only PLA yes
EUR Spreadforms ABS & PLA (Smart-Flexible) – Nylon – Wood Brick Sandstone yes yes
FRA EMotionTech ABS – PLA – PVA yes yes
FRA Imprimante 3D France ABS (Special-Smart) – ColorFabb – Wood&Stone – HIPS – Nylon – PETT – PLA yes yes
GBR 3D Filaprint ABS – PLA – Nylon – HIPS – Orbitech – Ninjaflex yes yes
GBR 3Distributed ABS – PLA – SmartABS – Polystyrene – Taulman 3d yes yes
GBR 3DKarma PLA – PVA yes yes
GBR 3D Print Works PLA – ABS yes no
GBR Replicator Warehouse ABS – PLA – Plastics – Wood yes yes
GBR RepRap Central ABS – PLA – Makerbot yes yes
IND RepRap India PLA yes no
IND Subassembly ABS – PLA HIPS – Nylon – PVA – PETT yes yes
ITA DIY RepRap ABS – PLA – HIPS yes yes
NLD Makerpoint ABS PLA Specials yes yes
NLD Shopzinnig PLA – ABS – PVA – Flex – PET – HIPS yes yes
NLD Dutch Filaments ABS – PLA – PVA – PA12 – TPC yes yes
NLD Filament World ABS – PLA – Nylon – Rubber – Fluor – Glow yes yes
NLD Leapfrog ABS – PLA yes no
NLD MyThings4u.nl PLA – ABS – PVA – SmartABS – Taulman – Nylon – T-Glase – Flexible EcoPLA – Thermochrome PLA – LAYWOO-D3 – LAYBRICK – HIPS – PET – Bendlay yes yes EU Shipping only
NLD Trideus ABS – PLA – PET – Filaflex – Laywood yes yes
NLD Kunstofshop.nl ABS – PLA – ABS-soft – Polyester – PVA yes yes
NLD & BEL 123inkt.nl ABS – PLA – Kapton Tape yes yes
NZL Diamond Age ABS – PLA – HIPLA – MPLA – CAPA – HIPS – PET-G yes yes
POL Get3D ABS – PLA – NinjaFlex – LAYWOO-3D – TAULMAN 3D yes yes
RUS Lab3DPrint ABS – PLA – HIPS – Other yes yes
SWE 3D Prima ABS – PLA – Nylon – Kapton Tape yes yes
USA 3D Inkspot ABS – PLA – Pellets yes
USA 3D Printing Supplies PLA – ABS – Glow in the Dark yes yes
USA 3DPartistry ABS – PLA -HIPS- EcoPLA – Flex – Taulman 618 & 645 – Tglase – PVA – PET – Filament Safe- Kapton Tapes yes yes free USA shipping on all orders
USA 3D Printer Hub ABS – PLA – Taulman 3d – Lay-brick – Lay-woo3d yes yes
USA Extrudables.us Nylon – T-Glase – ABS – Filaflex yes yes
USA-CAN-GBR Lulzbot ABS – PLA – HIPS – Polycarbonate – Wood – Laybrick – Taulman 645 – T-glase – NinjaFlex no yes
USA Toybuilderlabs ABS – PLA – HIPS yes yes
USA Printed Solid PLA/PHA – Woodfill – PET – Nylon yes yes
USA Push Plastic HIPS – ABS – Blank reels – Colorant – Kapton Sheets – PLA – Pellets yes yes
USA MakerGeeks.com ABS – PLA – Translucent – PET – Stone – Glow in Dark – Biodegradable – Polystyrene – Food – Flex – Wood yes yes Partner – always free shipping
WORLD ColorFabb PLA – PETG – PHA/PLA – Woodfill – Taulman – LCD – Hotends yes yes

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