Scientists to 3D Print a Human Heart

Only recently I wrote about how 3d printing is going to change the medical sector. We’re already familiar with organs such as a liver, ear, skull or even a windpipe being 3d printed. Now, another huge breakthrough is about to take place: the 3d printing of a human heart. Last March, scientist have successfully printed tiny two-ventrical cylinders at the University of Louisville, Kentucky USA. Is this the first step towards an alternative for organ donation? Continue reading Scientists to 3D Print a Human Heart

3D Printing Organs Revolutionizes Healthcare

Since the invention of the 3d printer in 1984, its disruption to the manufacturing process became inevitable as more companies started to come up with their own 3d printers.  For years the design has been improved. Now, many sectors are bearing its fruits, such as in industrial designs, consumer applications and even the automotive industry. However, the greatest benefits mankind might be receiving from 3d printing is when scientists and engineers started thinking: “what if we extend the potentials being offered by 3d printers to medical innovations? Like 3d printing organs?” Continue reading 3D Printing Organs Revolutionizes Healthcare

How Does 3D Printing Work?

Many may have thought that smartphones and their mobile applications are the one thing that had the most profound impact in the world today.  Maybe, but what is more disruptive is the latest round of 3d printers being offered by the likes of 3D Systems and Stratasys companies. So why is it that disruptive? The question you should be asking yourself is: “How does 3D printing work?” Without going into too much technical details, let me show you. Continue reading How Does 3D Printing Work?

3D Printing Industry Will Exceed Expectations

In latest headlines, analysts at Canalys predicted that the 3d printing industry isn’t just here to stay. The market’s size is expected to see a sixfold increase compared to the breakthrough year 2013.

2013: 3d printing market reaches $2.5b

Last year was the year that 3d printing went from not to hot. From printing plastics to what-not, it has gained intrest in industrial sectors as well as the general public. The market’s size, including 3D printer sales, materials and associated services, reached US$2.5 billion globally in 2013. This year that number will grow to $3.8 billion, the following years showing an even bigger expected increase. By 2018, Canalys estimates the global market value to reach $16.2 billion. Continue reading 3D Printing Industry Will Exceed Expectations

3D food printing is just the beginning

 Just imagine the vast possibilities which the 3d printing industry can bring for all of us.  Having your idea re-created from a flat design to something that is truly amazing and wonderful to touch is truly mind-boggling. This technology is now starting to revolutionize many industries around the world be it in aerospace, industrial design, product development, automotive manufacturing, civil engineering, architectural planning or even in food research. Continue reading 3D food printing is just the beginning

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