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3D Printing Industry Will Exceed Expectations

In latest headlines, analysts at Canalys predicted that the 3d printing industry isn’t just here to stay. The market’s size is expected to see a sixfold increase compared to the breakthrough year 2013. 2013: 3d printing market reaches $2.5b Last year was the year that 3d printing went from not to hot. From printing plastics to what-not, it… Continue reading »

3d printed sugar cubes

3D food printing is just the beginning

 Just imagine the vast possibilities which the 3d printing industry can bring for all of us.  Having your idea re-created from a flat design to something that is truly amazing and wonderful to touch is truly mind-boggling. This technology is now starting to revolutionize many industries around the world be it in aerospace, industrial design,… Continue reading »

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Koenigsegg’s 3D Printed Car Taunts Physics

On the 2014 Autosalon of Geneva, Swedish supercar designer Koenigsegg will present the One:1. The name refers to the power-to-weight ratio that has breached the magical border of 1:1, meaning that you’ve got a horsepower for every kilogram of weight you’re towing around. By the way, there are 1340 horses at your disposal, and it can… Continue reading »

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